Do you see a weed or a wildflower?

At Rain’s Garden, the theme for Thursday’s art date is “What do you see”.

I spotted this perfect Dandelion seed flower yesterday and was still thinking about it today. I was hoping I could find it again this morning, and sure enough I did. I started to compose a poem in my head about it and completed it this afternoon. I made an art journal page also in tribute to the wildflowers and will add it at Art Journal Journey for it’s green march theme.

The Dandelion

Some see you and get angry, I see you and smile.

Some douse you with chemicals, or shred you with blades.

You’ve survived, standing tall among those who’ve lost the battle.

You’ve lived through wind and rain and grown strong against all odds.

My hope is that a small child will find you and smile with delight. 

That you will be scooped up

and feel a warm loving breath upon you,

 Being scattered around new places to grow and be admired again.

Karen Maszewski 3-5-2020

This is my daughter Sarah back in her preschool days. We love to find wildflowers and found this amazing patch of yellow blooms to stop and take a picture in.

Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

Herbal Power
Stimulates the liver and supports healthy digestion.*

Pleasantly roasted with bitter notes.

Plant Story
Some think of dandelion as a common weed, but our herbalists know that its bitter taste stimulates digestion and supports your body’s natural detoxification process.* Some of our finest dandelion comes from the sustainably wild-collected meadows of Eastern Europe. It’s the perfect tea for everyday wellness!

I thought adding this tea info was fitting. I’ve tried it and think it’s a little earthy for me but the dandelion is said to have a lot of health benefits. any thoughts on that? Thanks for Sharing my visuals today!

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25 thoughts on “Do you see a weed or a wildflower?

  1. beautiful the dandelion photo for Rain’s theme!
    Wonderful your journal page, that’s cute with the little one in the meadow
    Greetings Elke


  2. The dandelion, such a giving thing and food of the Bee’s. A symbol of hope breathing new life into our world where from one seed head many new things can grow. A fabulous and poignant post. Thank you for sharing.
    Creative wishes Tracey x


  3. I see a wishing flower! 😀 But…before it becomes a wishing flower, it has a sunny yellow bloom and I got many of these from my children when they were small – the best kind of bouquet a mother can receive. 🙂


  4. The poem and page are beautiful, Karen. Thank you for joining us at Art Journal Journey with this charming green spread. Eileen xx


  5. I have always loved Dandelions … they are beautiful standing alone and as a fully yellowed field. I don’t see weeds, though my family tries removing “weeds” from our yard. It is truly pointless because I will blow the seeds from the survivors out on the wind in hopes of keeping them around. Your daughter is a sweetheart and her picture reminds me of a picture my mother took of my sister and me in a daisy field (also wild and also thought of as weeds back in the day). I can tell we have much in common and it shows itself by your varied creativity. It was a pleasure to visit your blog … hope to see you again.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  6. Oh that dandelion is inspiring. I think as it is March a dandelion would be a gorgeous bloom and it is a great inspiration for your page. Love that green Thanks for sharing with us at ARt Journal Journey. Hugs-Erika


  7. Hi Karen!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in this week!! I love your post…you asked “what do you see?” I see a sneeze coming on! 😉 I LOVE dandelions, I never mow them down, they are lovely and one of these days I will attempt to make some dandelion wine. Just not from the ones in the backyard where the dogs may have pee’d on them lol! I have that tea actually and I like it, it kind of tastes like coffee. I love the health benefits of dandelions and your poem is beautiful!!! Loved it!! 🙂


  8. Dandelion heads look so pretty and I remember making wishes with them when I was a child so the poem that you shared made me smile 😁. Such a beautiful page too, that’s a lovely photo of your daughter surrounded by all those flowers – perfect! I like dandelion tea and would love to try this roasted root one too! Take care and sending you happy wishes! Hugs, Jo x

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