T stands for Tornado Warning

As if their isn’t enough going on! Yesterday we had a huge wind storm with tornado warnings. Thankfully my yard fared well with only small branches down. Here are some pictures from my neighborhood that have quite the mess to clean. One neighbor had a tree go right through the middle of the house (last photo) down to the foundation! It’s a couple in their 80’s with one in the hospital, and I have not heard an update on her health yet. Several without power, again I was spared from that as well. Keep counting blessings and know that it could be worse.

On a much lighter note, At the Day of the month club they are celebrating “world rat day” which was April 4th. I don’t have any rat stamps, so I’m using a recycled mouse image from an old card that I added to a new card front. I stamped “For You” and added a pretty little bow to complete it.

I finished one of my Cruise scrapbooks from 2008, and thought I would share this particular layout. We stopped in Florida at a Gator Park and sat in on one of the shows. I was chosen to participate out of the audience and the man thought I would be afraid of the Alligator. Well… I blew his mind and held it with a smile 🙂

My ABC book of Sarah is coming along nicely and I left you off at “D” so here is E-G.

Here is where I spend my quiet time reading the bible and novels. I’m having a cup of tea out of my sisters mug today and posting a picture for the “T” group on Elizabeth’s Blog. This mug is from The Natural Life where they sell lot’s of pretty bright treasures.

Keep Crafting and being Safe!

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26 thoughts on “T stands for Tornado Warning

  1. Oh my that is sooo sad to read about the couples home-how devastating to happen with everything else going on.
    Yes I do try to be thankful every day My father always told us when we were growing up someone else out there has it much worse that you do-
    our crafts and art are really important now-I love your repurposed card very much. I started saving my cards too especially if I receive a handmade one and recycle it.
    Happy T hugs I am drinking a cup of tea as I type Kathy

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  2. Sorry to hear you’ve suffered a bad storm, it’s scary when trees are felled, thank goodness you didn’t have much damage. Makes you thankful for being safe even if we are living through strange times.
    The card is pretty and I love the cute rat, I save all cards if they are handmade but sometimes I reused any bought ones if they aren’t from family .
    Happy T Day, jan x

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  3. What a lovely card. Wish I’d known. I have a rat stamp I’ve never used, but yours was just as cute and clever. Well done and recycled, too!!!

    Sorry to read about the high winds and tornado in your area. Sadly, it’s the season for them. I hope the elderly couple are OK. With her in the hospital, I hope he has a place he can stay until he can decide what to do about where he’s living. I suspect he won’t want to rebuild. It’s terribly sad.

    Sarah’s book is looking good. I can’t believe you actually took those photos years ago and found ones that are relevant for the book. Good thinking.

    That’s a beautiful mug and a lovely retreat for reading. I might be able to spend long hours there, too. Thanks for sharing your card, your photos of the tornado, the scrapbook pages for Sarah, and your retreat and mug with us for T this Tuesday, dear Karen.

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  4. Wow an alligator. That’s really brave! You got some bad winds which caused a lot of damage, hope no one was badly hurt. Those people must have had an awful shock.. Love the rat/ mouse card. Enjoy your tea in the pretty mug. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

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  5. Oh, what a very sweet card! I had a mouse once, she climbed on my shoulder and told me stories.

    Hope you´re safe, really, here we have nothing like that, thankfully.
    A happy T-day to you.


  6. oh what awful damage the storms have done in some areas. So sorry for that elderly couple:(. Glad you fared well.
    Adorable card you made! Fun scrapbook pages too. Looks like you have a comfy spot to read and relax in while having your beverage. Happy T day!


  7. Wow! That is awful that your neighbors had so much damage. Thank the Lord that He protected you and your family. So much is going on in the world right now but you are right, we need to keep counting the blessings!
    Your scrap pages are looking great. What a great memory that you got to hold a gator! I don’t think I would have been that adventurous. I remember going to a gator park in FL when I was 4. Those gators looked fierce jumping out of the water to grab a carcass off an overhead line.
    Loved seeing where you read and relax. That chair looks comfy.
    Happy Tea Day,

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  8. Karen, I’m so relieved that you didn’t have any major damage or power outage from the storm that devastated so many. I love your creative upcycling of your mouse and how you made him the star all over again! Great job on the layouts, too! Thank you for playing in the Day of the Month Club! Take care and be safe! Hugs, Darnell GD

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  9. The winds must have been awful to cause so much damage, so much sadness these days.
    The layout pages looked fantastic and it was a sweet card.
    Keep safe and stay well.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

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  10. Sorry to hear about the tornado and I hope your elderly neighbours are ok! I’m loving your rat/mouse card, so cute 😁. Your scrapbook pages are amazing too, such a lovely way to showcase those beautiful photos and memories! That’s looks like a comfy and cozy spot to relax with your cuppa, such a great sentiment! Wishing you a Happy T Day! Take care and sending hugs your way, Jo x


  11. We heard about the tornadoes on the news. Glad you’re safe. Sorry for the elderly couple.Your rat day card is cute and I’m enjoying your alphabet book. Take care and Happy T Day

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  12. That looks like a comfy place to read and enjoy a warm drink, and luckily you didn’t have a lot of damage from those winds. Those poor people who had that tree come down on their house, but hopefully no one was killed. By the time those winds reached us here in NH they were a bit wild but nothing like that. Glad you shared that happy mug, and also shared some happy pages with us too. I hope it was a super T day. Hugs-Erika

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  13. Oh Karen, I’m so sorry to hear you’re having to deal with storms as well as the virus. I feel sad for the elderly couple, do hope they’re ok. I’m so glad you are all safe and well – and still crafting! How clever to re-use the little mouse for your card. I love the bow – I have a die that is very similar and use it a lot! Your scrapbooks blow me away. I love the photos of you with the alligators and am amused at the idea of you stepping up confidently to take the alligator while the guy’s smile faded! My children would have licked their forefingers, drawn a 1 in the air and said ‘Score one for the witch!’ – the witch being the hero in this scenario! It’s from Sabrina, an old tv series and it always makes me laugh! I’m really impressed that your scrapbook of your daughter is an alphabet one. I would have got all bogged down in not having anything for some of the letters and it never would have got started! Love your comfy-looking reading corner – we all need one of those don’t we. Take care and stay safe Karen, Vicky x

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  14. I know such pictures very well, because we experienced the same thing many years ago. The main thing is that no people were harmed.
    Your card is very cute. And the mouse is very strong when it can carry such a large flower. Thank you for sharing with us at DotMCC. Gundi

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  15. Tornado season is a scary time. Hope everyone is doing ok now. I had to laugh at world rat day…that’s my BFF birthday. I immediately sent her a funny text when I read that.
    Your ABC scrapbook looks great! I made one for each of my kids when they were toddlers. So much fun.
    Happy T day!

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  16. How awful for your elderly neighbors to have that tree fall on their house, with her in the hospital with health issues. As if we all don’t have enough problems with covid-19, a severe storm strikes like that. I like your artwork and ABC scrapbook. Happy belated T-Day!


  17. I´m sorry to read you had storm and tornado Karen! I wish you are all well.
    I like very much your so great and fun card, it´s wonderful ! Hope you spent a very nice T-day.
    I wish you a very fine afternoon, stay safe and well,
    Big hugs, Caty

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  18. Hey, you’re an alligator trainer, that’s great!! 😉
    Yeah, storm is a terrible thing and every year there’s more of them! Hope your neighbor gets well soon! I am very amused by your little mouse and the idea you had for this card! Really great that you found a way to participate in our challenge, even without a stamp! I am impressed! Thank you very much for playing with us at DotMCC! Rosi x

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  19. My heart goes out to your neighbors whose house was badly damaged, Karen. I hope they have family or close friends to help to help sort out all the insurance and repairs. I’m glad you and the rest of your neighbors fared better. Pandemic, tornadoes, what plague will be next? God willing, none!

    Your card is darling.

    Funny – I started working on a neglected journal from a cruise vacation too!

    The Sarah alphabet book is fabulous! I bet it’ll be a family heirloom.

    Stay safe and stay well.

    Happy T-Day! Eileen xx

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  20. Lots of fun things you’ve shared here. Love the scrapbook! I do hope your neighbors will be ok…what a horrible thing for anyone, but especially an elderly couple. Glad you were spared serious damage. Have a wonderful week!

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  21. OMG – what heartbreaking pictures. That must be so awful for your neighbors. Hope they will recover and be able to fix that house again. Sweet card! Loving all that shimmer! Thank you for playing with us at DotMCC! Hugs, Cornelia

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