H is for Hat and Hair Dye, with Friday Funnies

I finished the letter H for Sarah’s scrapbook ~ Hat and Horse ~

” I ” will be for Ice cream and Iguana.

I’ve heard that the hair dye aisles are empty now just like the toilet paper! it makes sense since we’re over a month in quarantine now. I did a curb side pick up and a do it yourself job! Not too bad ~ I’m learning 🙂

Me before
Me after

Bunny, Card, and buttercups in my sunny window
Azaleas on my side table with dancing sunlight shadows

For Friday Smiles here are some funnies:

Friend Posted ” My coworker doesn’t agree with the numbers”
Also posted this picture and said “Work is more fun when your being stalked on the other side of your laptop”

~ Stay well & keep seeking the good ~

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7 thoughts on “H is for Hat and Hair Dye, with Friday Funnies

  1. I used to colour my own hair many years ago but gave up because there was just too much grey and now I’m pleased to say I’m rather fond of the silvery grey I am now 🙂 Thanks for sharing your smiles and for your lovely comments today.
    Annie x

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  2. Your hair looks brilliant, well done however I have decided to let mine grow out as it feels like the right time to do it so we’ll see. Gorgeous photos for the scrapbook and the kittie pics are great and certainly made me smile. Take care and have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

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  3. Hi Karen, well done for Managing to do your own hair, I only have highlights but I can already see my roots showing a little, I had an appointment for last mo day so I will have to reap my fringe else I won’t be able to see.
    I love the jokes, I’ve saved some to send the family.
    Beautiful photos on your page.
    Have a lovely weekend, Jan x

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  4. Well done on getting your hair done so well! I have long hair so I can bind it up and then it doesn’t look so bad! Thanks for the funnies! And I love the scrapbook pages, it’s good to make these memory books, the kids grow up so quickly. Hugs, Valerie

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  5. I loved your scrapbook page. This is going nicely. You did an excellent job on your hair. I don’t dye my hair, but yours looks fabulous. It’s amazing the things we can accomplish when we have to do them ourselves.

    I’ve been on self imposed lockdown for about five weeks: since March 13, the last time I went to the grocery store. I planned well on the food end, but not the litter. My friend Sally has a membership to Sam’s, the WalMart of large quantities. She got me four 42 lb buckets of cat litter. I can’t believe how much these fellows have run through litter. Their equivalent of toilet paper, I suspect.

    Because I’m not on Facebook, I apparently can’t see your funnies. When I go there, the image gets kicked back to a facebook F. I have to start over by logging back into your blog when that happens, because there is no way to go backward when it happens, I’m sure they are funny, though, since others seem to like them.

    Have a super rest of Friday, Karen, and a super weekend, too.

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    1. Sorry you can’t see the funnies! ~ I laughed at your litter update ~ I didn’t realize how much my cats went through until this lock down too! I was able to order and have it delivered from target so that was good. Blessings & thanks ~ Karen


  6. More lovely pages for the scrapbook. It will be a treasured work of art.
    Well done on your hair. Mine will be long and grey when they finally let us out, and the queues will be long at the hair-dressers so it is likely to stay that way for a while.
    Love the flowers, and the funnies made me smile. That cat has the cutest ears. Kate x

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