A B You tiful Mess, and P for Paint

I’m jumping ahead in Sarah’s scrapbook so I could do the letter P for Rain’s Thursday Art date where the theme this week is “Mess” Sarah was still in a high chair and diapers here and she is making art with real paint! I put her in my tie dye t shirt and let her paint away. She would play with me for at least an hour mixing and experimenting with color, then I’d plop her in the tub for a good soapy soak.

I also created a journal page with recycled objects in this theme as well. Life is a beautiful mess isn’t it?

I can make mistakes and have accidents happen, but I’m thankful that I have faith in a God who forgives, listens, and heals. The words are die cut out of a Kleenex box and the “B”, the flower, and the butterflies are from the metal wrapping around the top of the wine bottle I consumed the other day. The prayers and scriptures are cut out of “our daily bread” which is a little devotional I read from in the mornings. Thanks for reading

~ Embrace your beautiful messy self! ~

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Hello! I'm a 50 something wife and mother of two girls ~ I started Blogging in March of 2011 on Blogger and just converted to WordPress in Dec 2019. I started paper crafting in 1995 when I first tried embossing with powder, I was so excited and couldn't believe it was so easy to make something so beautiful. Creativeseconds was started as a way of selling secondhand craft supplies and cards on Ebay and Etsy. You will find creative cards, tags, and paper crafting projects here as well as craft room organizational ideas. Follow along with me and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

11 thoughts on “A B You tiful Mess, and P for Paint

  1. You are a wonderful teacher/mother who has nurtured the creativity and the faith of your child … I am so impressed! I am also impressed that you know that I am a messy self … isn’t it just wonderful 🙂 This was fun and endearing, Karen. Hope you are safe and well …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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  2. This is such a beautiful photo, Sarah looks so contented painting away. Kids love mess, and I think they are right to do so. So many people don’t give their kids a chance to have messy fun, your daughter was lucky. Creativity is so much more important than sterility and tidiness. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

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  3. Those letters in your mess word are amazing. Nice finishing. And you added some cool details to that page. And that little painter is adorable! Hope you have a great end of your week. Hugs-Erika

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  4. I love your giant lettering – and it’s all the better for being recycled. And a lovely Pooh page (Pooh and Piglet make me happy), with those wonderful photos of young Sarah getting properly messy… it’s the only way to craft!
    Alison x


  5. Hi Karen :)! This is a great post! I feel like a mess lately, but I will embrace the beauty of my mess! 😉 I love the Sarah page, she looks like she’s having a blast. And your journal page is so creative!! 🙂

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