Golf Themed Birthday Card, Inchie, Friday Smiles and oops there goes a rubber tree plant

Here I’ve made a golf themed birthday card for my neighbor to give to a friend. I die cut and embossed the grass for texture and also embossed the clouds and the golf ball. I added ribbon for detail and fun and embossed “Happy Birthday” to complete my card. This card was inspired by this sketch:

and by Cardz for Guyz: to use no patterned paper.

Every Inchie Monday: Theme is Caravan/RV/motor home
Here is my friday (semi funny) Smiles ~ Mojo sitting in my clean laundry basket and…
I’m calling this the new plumber butt crack (when someone has a mask on but has it pulled down)
Also here is my latest project ~ my rubber tree plant got a little to tall and top heavy and now looks like a phallic symbol!
I already tried one stem in May and it’s time to try to root this one as well.
This is the first one I cut off and rooted some time in May and it seems to be doing ok ~ see the new growth!
The video says root hormone and a sand mixture for well draining soil both of which I don’t have, but I do have this soil! so I mixed half of this with half regular soil and well watered before putting in my cuttings. The video suggests tying up the pot in a plastic bag and putting in a dark spot for 4-8 weeks.
The one cutting already has a baby, but we will see if the other cutting grows one over labor day weekend ~ Only 6 weeks from today (this summer is flying by).

Here is the video (3 min. long) if you’d like to watch and try this yourself ~ Enjoy the weekend!

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Hello! I'm a 50 something wife and mother of two girls ~ I started Blogging in March of 2011 on Blogger and just converted to WordPress in Dec 2019. I started paper crafting in 1995 when I first tried embossing with powder, I was so excited and couldn't believe it was so easy to make something so beautiful. Creativeseconds was started as a way of selling secondhand craft supplies and cards on Ebay and Etsy. You will find creative cards, tags, and paper crafting projects here as well as craft room organizational ideas. Follow along with me and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Golf Themed Birthday Card, Inchie, Friday Smiles and oops there goes a rubber tree plant

  1. Hi Karen, I love your very elegant card with the embossed background, it’s very well made. Good one with the oral butt-crack, too. I was watching people yesterday, how they all wear their masks but mostly in the wrong place! I never had any luck with rubber plants, mine always go brown and die, I don#t know why! Have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Valerie

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  2. That’s a lovely card, Karen. I really like it. Nicely embossed, too. And I loved your take on the caravan/RV. That was clever.

    I used to have a rubber plant, but put it outside too early one year, when we had a freak snowstorm in late April. I lost all my house plants and have never invested in any again. Looks like you have a green thumb when it comes to transplanting these. I look forward to an update after Labor Day.

    Loved seeing Mojo in the basket and got a laugh at the guy who didn’t have his mask up (although it shouldn’t be a laughing matter). Have a super rest of the weekend, dear.

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  3. Great use of the embossed paper in your golf themed card.
    I must agree this mask thing is taking some getting used to, I suppose it will soon become the new norm.
    Thanks for joining in at Cardz4Guyz. πŸ™‚

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  4. What a so gorgeous card Karen !! I loove it. The clouds are amazing, great grass and design. Your cat is sooooo cute β™₯
    Your plants are very beautiful, sure they will grow very heathly.
    I wish you a great day and weekend, stay safe and big hugs

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  5. That is very interesting. I don’t have a rubber plant, but I found it interesting nevertheless.
    I smiled at MOjo in the basket. We had a cat once and he did the same. Any box or basket, and he would be in it.
    People like Buttcrack are very annoying. Because it totally defeats the object. Oh well, lets not go there.
    Have a lovely weekend,

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  6. What a brilliant card Karen! So perfect for a golfer and I love the subtle colours and all the texture you created. Love the clever inchie too πŸ™‚ Bless little Mojo in the laundry basket. Why do they always go for the clean laundry?! Oh dear, that man really hasn’t got the hang of masks has he?! Vicky x

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