Friday Smiles, Clusters and a Get Well Card

Here we are at Friday again so I’m joining in with the group at A Stitch in Time.

This week I tried my hand at making clusters out of recycled tea bags, paper, and other bits and pieces. I watched a video HERE for inspiration. I have small pieces of “stuff” sorted by color already for making inchies so I was able to get started on this idea pretty easily. I’m going to keep the sea theme cluster for my beach junk journal and the purple and blue flowers and butterflies (bottom 3) for an inspirational junk journal. The other top four I’m using for a swap on Swap-bot HERE. Swaps are a fun way to share what you’ve created, and to share supplies with people because honestly who needs a dozen of the same thing sometimes?!

Next I have a card I made for my friend who is recovering from shoulder surgery. This was made using the napkin technique and I’ve added flowers with button centers, a wire butterfly, and a get well sentiment.

I have to add some things to smile about!

Here from my collection is a cute vintage postcard from the 50’s from Della to Edith in S. Dakota.
Reminder to Just be YOU!
This sticker was sent to me on a swap envelope ~ I thought is was a thoughtful gesture.
Caught a quick picture of a toad on the grass, can you find him?
Splash! and he’s gone! and so am I ~ Enjoy the weekend & thanks for hopping by!

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Hello! I'm a 50 something wife and mother of two girls ~ I started Blogging in March of 2011 on Blogger and just converted to WordPress in Dec 2019. I started paper crafting in 1995 when I first tried embossing with powder, I was so excited and couldn't believe it was so easy to make something so beautiful. Creativeseconds was started as a way of selling secondhand craft supplies and cards on Ebay and Etsy. You will find creative cards, tags, and paper crafting projects here as well as craft room organizational ideas. Follow along with me and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Friday Smiles, Clusters and a Get Well Card

  1. I love your little clusters. What a good idea.
    The white daisies amid the rudbeckias (or black-eyed Susans)made me smile.
    I did spot the toad. You don’t see them very often here.
    Have a good week. Kate x

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  2. Hi Karen. Those clusters are wonderful, great idea, and also great to swap. As you say, who needs 5 of the same?! Love the card you made, I have that napkin, too, it’s very pretty. Ans the toad is adorable, it’s always so hard to get photos, well done. And of course you can pin any of my photos to your board, help yourself! Glad you like them. Hugs, Valerie

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  3. What lovely clusters! It is a good idea and I will go and watch that video as I have lots of little bits and pieces floating around. I see you used stamps and inchies too.
    The card made with the napkin is beautiful. Your friend will be very pleased, and love looking at it as she recovers.
    And of course I love the naughty postcard. When I was a toddler (or perhaps four years old), I was lying in my auntie’s garden, naked. My auntie said, why are you lying in the grass naked? I answered: I want my bottom the same colour as my back!
    Yes, I spotted the toad. We have a lot here and they make a lot of noise in the evening. As this is a very arid country, every small holder has a small reservoir to keep his water. The frogs and toads congregate there as they love water.
    Have a great weekend,

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  4. I am bowled over by those beautiful little clusters Karen! All so thoughtfully put together – I can’t take my eyes off them! Love your bright card too and I’m sure it will cheer your friend up no end. It seems so funny to think people sent those postcards through the mail in the 50s! How daring they must have thought themselves! Loving the flowers and yes, be you! And the sticker for mail carriers is a lovely idea. I am SO grateful for them and the other delivery people AND the refuse collectors too. Spotted your toad. They are so good for the garden aren’t they so you are lucky to have one 🙂 You have a lovely weekend too, Vicky x

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