We’re all mad here, Alice Tags

I’m joining in on the bi-weekly theme: Alice in Wonderland over at Tag Tuesday. I’m also sharing my work desk with the Wednesday group (waves hello!)

Work space towards the beginning and during the creative phase

I’m not a big Alice fan, but I know there are a lot of people who are. I’ve seen a lot of Junk Journal’s on this theme, and people requesting items on swap-bot. I found a small paperback copy for .50 printed by Chick-Fila at the thrift store to use to create with. I used an old queen of hearts playing card as my base and added a black tag top to it. I had fun cutting out what I thought I might create with, and I still have a lot of pages to use or share.

I thought the story behind the story was interesting, so I’m sharing that here if you would like to have a read:

Alice in Wonderland (Chic-fil-A version) Paperback – January 1, 2004
by Lewis Carroll retold by Mary Weber (Author), Isidre Mones (Illustrator)
At the end of my craft session

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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Hello! I'm a 50 something wife and mother of two girls ~ I started Blogging in March of 2011 on Blogger and just converted to WordPress in Dec 2019. I started paper crafting in 1995 when I first tried embossing with powder, I was so excited and couldn't believe it was so easy to make something so beautiful. Creativeseconds was started as a way of selling secondhand craft supplies and cards on Ebay and Etsy. You will find creative cards, tags, and paper crafting projects here as well as craft room organizational ideas. Follow along with me and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

24 thoughts on “We’re all mad here, Alice Tags

  1. Love your Alice tags. Great idea to use an old book,and a piece of a playing card, and you still have lots left for other projects, that’s great. And a lovely idea to tell how the story originated. It’s a fun story for kids. Thanks so much for joining us with your lovely tags at Tag Tuesday, much appreciated. I’m off now for n afternoon nap, have a great day, stay safe! Hugs, Valerie

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  2. Thanks for your visit to my blog and good wishes.
    I am an Alice fan and I love the idea you had for using a playing card as a backdrop for your Alice tags. What a wonderful thing to find a book so inexpensive to help you with crafting in this theme.
    Hugs, Neet xx 7

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  3. I know that Neet is a big Alice fan so I’m glad she has seen this and commented already! Using the playing card is a great way to base the tag, very clever indeed. I like the White Rabbit too. Another interesting thing to see on your desk today!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxxx

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  4. I’m not a huge Alice fan (in that I have never felt inclined to buy any ‘Alice’ product) but I do love looking at other people’s art. Smashing tags! Happy WOYWW, stay well, safe, Cindy #21

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  5. Karen that is so interesting to read the story behind Alice and Wonderland. I love your tags, especially the white rabbit. Such a creative idea. I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing.
    Belinda #30

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  6. Those Alice tags are fantastic! Sorry I am late commenting. Happy belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. with love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#9)

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  7. Oh great job on the tags Karen. I admire your ‘going to’ and finding out some stuff you could use. I’m not an Alice fan either, it seems to have really taken off huh, our local gift shop even has a tea set with Alice figures. I must say that you work neatly, the end-of-work picture is as neat as my desk ever gets!

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  8. I LOVE your Alice-pieces, I created a few myself years ago (for a swap) and bought me a second-hand book to cut also, it should be somewhere in my closet and seeing your blogpost, my fingers start to itch. I might go find the book and create an ‘Alice-page’… Thanks for visiting my blog the other day, have a nice weekend. Hug from Holland. Marit #8

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  9. What a lovely Alice post! Your tags are gorgeous, and what a cool idea to base the first one on a playing card. I can’t say I’m a huge Alice fan and have never made anything on that theme, but nothing against it either. Your background info was an interesting inclusion in the post too because I am sure a lot of people aren’t aware of the background. Alice has become such an important part of our culture! One new expression that’s entered the vernacular recently that I’ve become aware of constantly is “down the rabbit hole” which I appreciate because it speaks volumes! (Well, perhaps only the one volume lol!) Very nice work with the tags, anyway.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #23

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  10. Wow, such beautiful tags! I love how you used the playing card to create the tag, it fits the Alice in Wonderland theme perfectly 😁. The images are wonderful too, loving the white rabbit! Happy and creative wishes! Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Jo x

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  11. Love your Alice tags, I collect the different illustrations of Alice in Wonderland, can I ask who is the illustrator please. When I say I collect them I have several digital versions. I was thinking of doing a journal, so many projects on my list :). Sorry this a late WOYWW visit x Angela # 31

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    1. Thank you!~you can find it on Amazon still:
      Alice in Wonderland (Chic-fil-A version) Paperback – January 1, 2004
      by Lewis Carroll retold by Mary Weber (Author), Isidre Mones (Illustrator)


  12. What an interesting post! I really enjoyed reading that and loved seeing your workspace with those beautiful creations!! Thanks for joining us at Tag Tuesday

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  13. I am an Alice fan – love your makes and the excerpt towrds the end…

    Sorry I am so late posting – have a good week!
    Susan #10


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