T stands for Trick or Treat,and Mailman Retirement

Our neighborhood usually does a huge Halloween party which is run by the civic league. They serve hotdogs, and have costume contests for all ages. No party this year, but they did do a little parade that was sweet.

Unicorn and ninja neighbors
My grand dog Wilson having a face off with a giant dragon that breathes smoke
They decided to be friends
Sarah finishing her bat pumpkin. We gave play do as well as bags of candy on a separate table spaced apart.
Sarah’s completed pumpkin
Sharing wine as my drink of choice this week for the T party at the altered book lover
Halloween cheese tray for the family and we had wings and watched a Stephen King movie called Desperation.

Carter, our neighborhood mailman for the past 16 years is retiring. A group of us presented him with a plaque and gift cards to honor his service.

Here is the card I made for Carter too

Go vote and have a good week!!

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20 thoughts on “T stands for Trick or Treat,and Mailman Retirement

  1. Your Grandaughter’s bat pumpkin is very well done. I love that your community does a parade and celebrates the mail man’s retirement. I bet the children were all disappointed that the party was cancelled but the parade looks like fun.
    Happy Tea Day,

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  2. Looks like you had fun this Halloween! The bat carved into the pumpkin is so amazing, what a talented artist – stunning 😀. Loving the plaque and card that you presented to your mailman, such a thoughtful and kind of you all. That’s cheese tray looks delicious too – yum! Wishing you a very Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

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  3. Did you carve that amazing pumpkin, Karen?!

    You and your neighbors did a wonderful job of keeping Halloween special for the kids. You all are also very thoughtful to honor your mailman like that.

    Happy T-Day. Stay safe and stay well. Hugs, Eileen

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  4. What a great neighborhood you live in Karen. The parade is wonderful, especially for the children. And honoring the mailman is such a nice thing to do.
    I love your card, and the quote too. A pleasant change of direction is a lovely way of saying it.
    Sarah has carved that pumpkin so well. I think it is the most ‘beautiful’ bat pumpkin I have ever seen. I have used the word beautiful on purpose even though beautiful and bat are a contradiction in terms in my opinion. Well done Sarah.
    Happy T-Day,
    Stay safe,

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  5. Wow, Sarah’s bat pumpkin turned out great. Nice gifts to trick or treaters, too. It looked like a fun parade, but I’m not sure everyone was socially distanced (grin).

    Wilson looked like he was having fun with the dragon. It was certainly fun to see him making friends.

    Nice to do something special for your mailman. We get a new carrier about every six months here. I haven’t had the same one for long at all, since the lady who used to deliver hurt her back and they moved her to an office job. I LOVE the card you made the retiring mailman.

    I am now SO hungry after seeing your incredible cheese tray. It all looks so yummy, even to this vegetarian. And your wine looks like it went well with the cheeses, too. Thanks for making me hungry. OOOPS, I mean, thanks for sharing your daughter’s pumpkin, the parade, the card for your mailman, and your cheese and wine with us for T this Tuesday, Karen.

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  6. That looks like a fun Halloween. That pumpkin is super scary! And I love the photo of Wilson and the dragon. Hope you had a great T daytoo. But I bet it was hard to beat Halloween.

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  7. Oh, I totally nearly missed this! What a wonderful post! The pumpkin is great! And Wilson´s new friend is cute, too. Hmmm, that cheese plate! and such a sweet way to say good-bye to your mail-man! Cute parade, too, seems like you life in a great neighbourhood!

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  8. Halloween was a bit of a non event here this year, but it is obvious I need to come to your house for the Halloween party next year! And it’s good to see at least a few kids dressed up for the event,

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  9. What a spectacular pumpkin! That was a great idea to have a parade! It’s sad that so many events have been cancelled this year but it will make them so much better when we do get them back! I love the look of your snack tray! I wish we knew who was going to deliver our post each day – they move around here so much, although we do see the same ones returning occasionally! Belated happy T day, Chrisx

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  10. That cheese tray looks great! I’ll have a glass of wine with you! 🙂 What a lovely pumpkin, and a nice idea with the Halloween parade! Gosh…mailmen…I never see these people because we have community mailboxes now!

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  11. What a great sense of community you have in your neighbourhood Karen! I love that you did a parade instead of the party and well-spaced treats for the kids. Sarah is quite the artist! That bat pumpkin is amazing! I loved the photos of Wilson making friends with the dragon statue – he looks perfectly unphased! I hope you all enjoyed your movie and your beautifully arranged cheese tray. So sweet that you honoured your mailman with a plaque and what a fun card you made for him too. Thanks for sharing your photos 🙂 Vicky x

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