T is for Tulsi, Trader Joes Flower Arranging, and Valentine Pockets

I’m sharing my Tulsi Tea in my Old fashioned Winnie The Pooh Valentine’s mug with you and the folks over at the Altered Book Lover this T day.

Roses and Eucalyptus from Trader Joes

This past Thursday I made a flower arrangement for my friends birthday that I’ll be sharing as well. A similar arrangement from a local florist would be somewhere between $25-$50. I went to Trader Joes and purchased a dozen roses , Eucalyptus branches for filler, and two boxes of Chocolates for under $14.

One box of Chocolate for my friend, and one for my daughter to send in a Valentine care package.

A great place to find vases is at yard sales and thrift stores. I buy them when I see them for a good price so that I always have a few around when needed. If you get lucky, sometimes they will have glass nuggets in them already, if not you can find them at the dollar store. The nuggets help keep the flowers in place and are prettier and less messy then tape. I added 5 small cuttings of Azalea greens from my yard along with the Eucalyptus to complete the base for the arrangement. Then added in 9 roses to the square vase to complete.

Double Azalea greens make great year round vase fillers.
Remove the guard petals: you can read THIS article for explanation
Eucalyptus branch out of the package. Remove any leaves from flowers and greens
that will be submerged in water to reduce bacterial growth
Here is the base of the arrangement before the roses are added.
Plus Three (two shown) small arrangements

I would also like to share my Valentine pockets, one for my daughter and one for a swap. You can watch the tutorial HERE. I added Chai tea, an envelope full of tiny heart sequins, and a few other die cuts to complete for my swap partner. The other pocket on the left has a silly scratch off message and I’ll put a gift card in as well for my daughter. Fun, easy to make out of 6 x 6 paper, and perfect to give with a little something special tucked inside.

And wisdom, scripture, or thoughts to ponder:

Enjoy the week ahead!

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15 thoughts on “T is for Tulsi, Trader Joes Flower Arranging, and Valentine Pockets

  1. Beautiful flowers! I hope they last until Feb. 14.

    I’m also a lover of Winnie-the-Pooh, and a few days ago, I just did a post where he was featured. I’m also beginning to think about Valentine’s Day.

    be safe… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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  2. I did my grocery shopping last week at Trader Joe’s. It is such a great store. Your bouquet is gorgeous. I’ve heard people also get their flowers for weddings there instead of paying the ridiculous florist prices. And I love your Pooh mug. It is adorable. Perfect for T. Hope all is well and stay safe my friend. hugs-Erika

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  3. How great you have a Trader Joe’s near you. I got to visit one in CA. They are really nice places and reasonably priced. I think that bouquet would have been closer to $50 (USD) as we get closer to Valentine’s Day. I hope your friend likes her birthday gift and gives you one of the chocolates (grin). Beautiful Valentine pocket, too. What a great way to send a bit of love.

    Speaking of love, Winnie the Pooh is SO cute. Thanks for sharing your floral arrangement, your Valentine pocket, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Karen. Beautifully done arrangements.

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  4. Your arrangement is lovely. Yes, flowers are so expensive. What a great idea to make your own and save money. And I love the Valentines pocket. I am going to attempt to give this a try. Thanks for the ideas.
    Happy Tea Day,

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  5. I miss trader Joe’ssssss wah!
    they have great flowers, well everything. Once it’s safe to go again, that will be my first stop
    Your V-day packets are adorable

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  6. Hello Karen: Your flower arrangement is quite outstanding, very beautifully done. My wife is pretty good at this kind of thing but I am hopeless. If I were to do it, they would look like a bunch of lob-sided blooms stuck in a jar! As for Trader Joes, when I see those prices I wish we had one here!

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  7. Wow, what a gorgeous post! The flowers and the way you arranged them are so beautiful and the colours of those roses are amazing 😁. Then there is that wonderful Winnie the Pooh mug stole, it’s such a lovely design – I love it! Happy T Day wishes! Take care! Hugs, Jo x

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  8. What beautiful flower arranging…and such a great idea! I must say buying separate bunches is a way to create great displays! I love your mug – Winnie the Pooh is a big favourite with my family! A very belated Happy T day, Chrisx

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  9. I absolutely love your posts Karen! You always have lovely ideas 🙂
    We are locked down here in the UK and only food shops or shops selling ‘necessities’ are open. The shops I miss most of all are the thrift shops. I love not knowing what will turn up in them and the fun of finding something unique.
    Your arrangement for your friend is so pretty and it’s much more personal to have created it yourself.
    The valentine pockets are cute! I will be sending little packages to my daughter and my son at uni – there’ll be separate gifts inside for the lunar new year, valentines day and pancake day!! I miss them :/
    Your Winnie the Pooh mug is adorable! I’ve not heard of Tulsi tea – must try and find some and try it! Vicky x

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