T is for Valentine Inchies and A Vintage Farbarware Coffee Percolator

I got the idea to pull out my inherited treasure from Mae’s Food Blog last week where she shared some history on coffee makers. I found my model HERE that sold last April on Etsy:

Kat of KoolKatMidCentury writes:

“Amazing find! This is the GRAND DAME of mid century coffee percolators as can be noted by her long and graceful pouring spout. This was the “fancy” coffee percolator that was only brought out on special occasions to serve guests. And she is in amazing vintage condition.

This is the 2 to 12 cup Model 122b Farberware SPECIAL EDITION all stainless steel with ready light, styled pour spout and handle. A real beauty with great style. They made these from the 1950’s to the 1960’s but not very many. They were an expensive upscale model using the patented heater/pump but styled so much nicer than the everyday model 142. From what I can tell this one was made in the late 1950’s. It has a ceramic stem insulator and all SS parts. They still used “S.W. Farber” on the bottom plate.

Super fast like all the Farberware pots. 1000 watts, fully automatic and really efficient. The stainless steel shell is electropolished on the outside for a brilliant shine. The pump, basket and diffuser are also electropolished making them easy to use and clean. The light comes on when the perk is done and the warmer keeps it hot until you unplug it…this is why I always used it while plugged into a timer.

1 minute per cup. One of the best coffee percolators ever made. All SS parts and body, easy to care for and easy to use. Don’t confuse it with the contemporary pots that are made in China, this was made in NY, in the Bronx and will outlast anything made in recent decades. The ceramic sleeve around the stem is not held in place by the spring so it will come off for easy cleaning.”

I made four cups and used 3 standard scoops to make a nice hot medium roast pot of coffee. Now the question is do I keep the pot for nostalgia, or be more minimalistic and let it go? It works well and I have a spot for it in the kitchen….I think I’ll keep it for awhile longer.

I’ve also created another Valentine Pocket for a swap partner based on a video that you can watch HERE by Pinkstrawberryz. She starts making the pocket 7:15 minutes into the video if you want to skip ahead. It reminds me of the library card jackets in the back of library books with the cards that were date stamped as to when they needed to be returned. (Yes I’m dating myself here!) My swap partner is a Christian, so I made her a bible verse tag along with a valentine heart, and journal spot.

Lastly, I’m sharing ALL the inches I created this past week that I’m making into Valentine’s Day Cards. The ones on the black scrap paper are new and the inches to the right I’ve had in my stash. I made these with stickers, rubber stamps, metal embellishments, ribbon, buttons, rhinestones, embossing powder, scrapbook paper, card stock, sequins, etc. I will post some of the cards I made tomorrow so follow me or pop back by to see what I’ve created.

And wisdom, scripture, or thoughts to ponder:

Picture taken at the Thrift Store this week “Hope” & “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

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Hello! I'm a 50 something wife and mother of two girls ~ I started Blogging in March of 2011 on Blogger and just converted to WordPress in Dec 2019. I started paper crafting in 1995 when I first tried embossing with powder, I was so excited and couldn't believe it was so easy to make something so beautiful. Creativeseconds was started as a way of selling secondhand craft supplies and cards on Ebay and Etsy. You will find creative cards, tags, and paper crafting projects here as well as craft room organizational ideas. Follow along with me and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

18 thoughts on “T is for Valentine Inchies and A Vintage Farbarware Coffee Percolator

  1. That percolator is exactly like the one I inherited too. My parents were avid percolator drinkers. s kids we were “trained” to make them coffee when we got up before them, or at least plug in a pot already prepared for morning. Thanks for the memory since the one I inherited is pushed far back in a closet. Your inches are fabulous too. I love how you laid them out. Hope you have a great T day Karen. Hugs-Erika

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  2. What a lovely coffee pot. I don’t think we had those when I was a child in the 50s. At least nowone I knew had one. We used the Melitta filters. But it is a beautiful heirloom and I would keep it, unless you are strapped for cash and then it might bring in some money.
    That are a lot of inchies! They make a beautiful tableau. What are you going to do with them? Make then into cards?
    Happy T-Day,

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  3. Wow, Karen. You have been very busy. I love seeing all those inchies together. You are going to have a beautiful collection of cards once they are all made up.
    I like the pocket for your swap partner. I must be old as well because I loved signing those library cards when I was a little girl. Library time was my favorite!
    Happy Tea day,

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  4. How great that my post on coffee pots inspired you to get out your heirloom and give it some love! Thank you for the shout-out.

    I used stovetop percolators for a while, but I never had an electric one, and soon switched to various kinds of filter coffee-makers and now use a French Press.

    Your Valentine Wall is very neat!

    be well… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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  5. Wow, I’m amazed by all the gorgeous inchies that you created! They are all so beautiful and I adore the detail that you put in to each one – stunning 😀. They’d be perfect for our Falling in Love challenge at Try it on Tuesday if you would like to join us. The coffee looks great too and I love your be kind sign, so true 😉. Happy February and T Day! Hugs, Jo x

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  6. Keep the pot — it’s fabulous! I think my parents had one just like it — or at least very close! If you have a place, you have a pot!

    LOVE the inchies. They’re so cheerful and happy. I never knew there was an inchie template. What a great idea.

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  7. I’m so sorry that I’m so late visiting. I felt better on Tuesday than I do today. I can only sit and read for so long, then get a headache and have to stop.

    Your electric percolator is wonderful. I’ve seen a few of those lately (last year) because everything is now going “mid-century modern.”My grandmother had a glass one (non-electric) with a glass stem and the metal basket. I’m loving the look back and am glad to see you have decided to use yours, if only for T day.

    You have made a LOT of great inchies. Too small for me, but I love what you are making. Thanks for sharing your incredible art and your coffee pot and coffee with us for T this week. Again, so sorry I was late visiting.

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